Q: How long is a session? 

A: Since this is not a typical photoshoot, and we're working to capture more than a handful of portraits, instead of starting at an hour, I recommend a baseline time of three hours. The length of time after that is up to what you are hoping to achieve. Some may only want a few hours to get some general, every day style shots. Some may want to chronicle an entire day! When we chat, we will make a plan and get our time all set up!


Q: What should we wear?

A: Any single thing you want! If your daughter wears a tutu and rainboots all day, every day, let her wear them! If your son likes to wear a Spiderman costume all day (my son did this for a while), more power to him! If you want to wear sweat pants, wear them! The goal is for you to be comfortable! 


Q: What will happen during a session? 

A: When I arrive, plan for me to jump right in! I'll follow your family as unobnoxiously as possible and take pictures throughout our time. Expect me to be crawling on the floor with your kiddos, stopping now and then to play, climbing into strange corners to take in an entire scene, and the like! I want this to be as stress free for you and your family as possible. Just be yourselves and do your thing and I will do my best to stay in the background, quietly capturing it all!


Q: How long will it take to see our photos and in what format will they arrive?

A: Photos will take 2-3 weeks to process. You will receive high-resolution, digital prints via web transfer.