Sara, whose name I always spelled with an "h" (until she finally corrected me) e-mailed me hoping for something a little different. This made me excited because I'd really been hoping to do some photos in a slightly less nature-y/more urban setting. And while downtown Fairfield is a far cry from anything urban, but I love love LOVE the way these came out.


Ashlee and Biannca

And here are some more! Obviously, I'm behind on posting. Photos taken at Twin Brooks and Silver Sands on two of the loveliest days of the summer.

                                    (This was my very favorite shot from the day)


Christi and Christina

I've known these girls for years. The first time I met them, I was substitute teaching for their fourth grade class. I remember confusing their names repeatedly during the day, getting frustrated with fourth graders and apparently (although I don't remember this) allowing them a period of fourth grade. Now, they're high-shcool seniors and both utterly lovely.

I did both shoots in Twin Brooks.



First Senior Portraits of the Year

I've been lucky enough to teach at a wonderful school the past six years. Teaching high-school kids, it's always amazing to watch them morph into seniors, then from seniors into high-school graduates. One of the first marks of the morph is having their senior portraits taken. I remember having my senior portrait done. I was all posey-posey and in a black velour ensemble I thought was classy.

It's amazing how much portraits have changed since then. Doing senior portrait sessions is one of my favorite things. Each one starts out inevitably awkward with lots of, "What do I do with my arms?!" and "People are staring at me!" But eventually, they all get past it.

This beautiful girl I've known for many years and I absolutely loved spending this hour with her.



I cannot believe it. I'm starting a photography business! I have been told that technically I already have a photography business, but making a website with a portfolio and a pricing page makes it all feel so real!

This blog will be a place for me to share about my most recent photo shoots, post photos of random things I love and just generally be excited about all things photography.

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I'll have lots more to share with you soon!

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